Teen Driving Intensive

Price: $495.00

The Teen Driving Intensive by Miles Ahead is a AAA Approved Driving School. The ½ day program gives teenage drivers with their learners permit or drivers license professional, behind-the-wheel instruction and hands-on experience in controlling a car in challenging situations. It is designed specifically to address the disproportionate number of auto collisions and injuries caused by teenage drivers.

While driving a car appears to be a fairly simple task, distractions and sudden, unforeseen hazards can quickly overwhelm a young driver placing him or her in imminent danger. Driving is, in fact, a deceptively complex psychomotor activity requiring the engagement of all the senses and constant vigilance in order to keep from having a collision.

Nothing can replicate all the sensations and stresses felt in the driver's seat. That's why we maximize the time that students spend in the car. We put teen drivers in a controlled environment where they can learn behaviors and safely practice the techniques required to become skilled, competent drivers free from the risk of injury or property damage. This is, of course, more expensive than taking an online tutorial or reviewing study materials. It is also far more fun and memorable and consequently, more effective.

ADEPT Driver Founder and CEO, Dr. Richard Harkness (center) with Miles Ahead Co-Founders, Ted Woerner (left) and Stephan Gregoire (right)

Miles Ahead is proud to partner with ADEPT Driver and their award winning teenSMART(R) computer-based training tool to deliver a comprehensive skills and science focused training solution to the problem of teen driver collisions.  Introduced in 1999, teenSMART was the first driver safety program to identify and address the six behavioral and social factors that cause more than 90% of all teen collisions. In 2012, the product was awarded the Safety Leadership Award from the National Safety Council for it's effectiveness in reducing collisions among teen drivers who have completed the training.

Every Miles Ahead Teen Driving Intensive student goes home with his or her own copy of teenSMART. Normally a $119.95 value, the cost of teenSMART is included in your registration. Once completed at home, the program graduate is eligible for attractive insurance premium discounts from insurers such as Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and AAA Insurance and potentially others.